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The Garden

Organic, yummy, and super healthy.
That's the best of all: 100% organic and healthy food. For my first year garden I cleared the alder flood plain next to the brook right in front of the cabin. The soil is quite fertile for uncultivated forest soil, since the nitrogen-fixing alders left nitrogen nodules in the ground. However, the soil is very acidic, and I have spread lots of wood ash and lime in past years.

The most successful plants are these 3 by far: potato, tomato, and zucchini squash. Very yummy veggies. I grew herbs and flowers and any veggies you could think of as an almost-vegetarian. Gardening is greatest fun, and nourishes me creatively. Enjoy the photos below!

Clearing the land for the garden site:

Preparing the soil:

Ready for sowing:

Parsley and sage in cold frame:

The potatoes are sprouting:


Things are growing:

Bonfires as a fun by-product of clearing the land:

Crocuses, the first flower to come up in the spring:

My rock garden with oregano, thyme, roman camomille, and sage:

Row of tulips bordering garden path:

Snowbear investigating highbush blueberry plantings:

Highbush blueberry, 2009. By 2011, the plants were ready for thick-berry harvesting:

Tumberland's garden:


Strawberries with stingling nettle (good for compost tea) in background:

Roughly 100 Strawberry plants:

So many strawberries:

Strawberry transplants:

Tomato plants in cold frame:

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