The Tumberland Homestead


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The Island


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Cape Breton Land

The Land

Tumberland is wilderness.
I love this piece of forest. I call 57 acres my own, with a brook running right through the middle. It is mostly spruce and fir, but interspersed with natural clearings, large meadows, creeks, maple, birch, aspen, larch, ash, and cherry. And let's not forget the alder. It grows in various wet spots, but most of the land is well drained. It is deep in the valley with a few bluffs and small hills here and there. All in all, the diversity of the land is astounding. The brook carries a bounty of fish, and squirrels, bunnies, mice, birds, and toads are everywhere.

Look at this air photo and this map of Tumberland. Note that some of the things indicated on the map were plans for the future. You can see some photos below.

This is Tumberland:

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