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Double 2x6" plates top the posts. 2nd floor joists, gable rafters, and ridgepole in place:

Finally, a temporary roof protects all the work:

2nd floor boards are spaced to let warm air circulate easily to the sleeping area, and serves as airy bedframe at the same time.

Rafters in place with miniature tie beams:

Who would believe 2 months later nice green beans grew in this very spot? Also, find the 2 hidden tents, one green one blue:

Roof sheathing starts with 1x4" boards with a 1' roof overhang on all 4 sides.

Sheathing done on the "easy" side. By the way, this homemade ladder feels way more stable than the aluminum ones:

Tarpaper covers the roof boards, then a lattice out of the same boards. The lattice is used for the future steel roof, and also serves as climbing platform for the builder:

Standing on lattice boards, and finishing the "not so easy" side with the chimney box and no more room to stand:

Chimney is up, and by then I was tired of roofing, but obviously it couldn't stay like that:

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